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Data is - together with human capital - the most important asset of a data-driven organisation. Still: do you know which data you have, how it is handled, who is responsible for which data? Is there an overview of the data that you are using at the moment? Do you know if all data that remained after the end of a project were adequately archived or deleted?

Even if you are on top of your data game, are you able to fully understand what is in it? This is especially difficult when your data is multi-faceted. Are there complex substructures in your data? Do you need to integrate different types of data? Do you need to communicate your data-driven message to colleagues or clients?

We can help

Belvis has what you need!

We are driven by the ambition to help organisations and individuals govern their data and gain deep understanding from it. This includes describing what that data actually is and organising it in such a way that provenance can be kept across the data lifecycle. In addition, we assign high importance to data visualisation and visual analytics because they allow for putting information in context so that better decisions can be made.

At Your Service

Data Governance planning

We can help you build a complete Data Governance Strategy to make sure that your data is safe, adequately handled and optimally available for analyses.

Database modelling

We can help you model your data into different database systems, be they relational or NoSQL databases such as document stores or graph databases.


We can help you create both exploratory data visualisation dashboards, or dashboards used to present data to others.

Novel visuals

We can help you design and develop novel visuals for complex data, for example where specific domain knowledge should be included (e.g. in life sciences). For examples of custom designs, see here.


We give workshops and training in each of the topics mentioned above.


"I can highly recommend this training by Jan Aerts which I was lucky to follow in the past. Good visualisations are not only key to getting your message across as a scientist, but also for getting novel insights yourself by looking at your data from different angles."

Bart Cuypers, Biomedical Data Scientist

"Really recommend this course! Check it out if you want to change the way you think about data visualisation!"

Sander Wuyts, CEO ImmuneWatch

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